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Welcome to Starfighter-Art.com.  Home of Stacie and the Starfighter.

Since I was very young I understood this;  There is, and has always been a struggle going on all around us. 

Each of us is involved and part of it.  A struggle between good and evil.  Hope and anarchy.  Faith and faithlessness.   Love and hate.    When we are young “Heros” help us identify what’s good in us and that in turn, helps us make good choices that impact the direction of our lives. 

Each of us is a hero as we silently and steadfastly devote ourselves to that and those whom we love.  A true heros sacrifice is given in love and with out regard for much in the way of personal safety and without consideration of reward or recognition. 

And as ironic and sad as it may seem...the greatest heros cannot be revealed except in the presence of the greatest evil.  

This art, in its various forms on this site, represents in large degree my personal spiritual walk.  I've come to believe that creativity, is a true gift from God (one of many).  This being the case, it must be treated like the gift that it is.  It should be used to glorify and celebrate our relationship with the Almighty Creator.  As each of us is unique, each of us has the capacity to do this in different ways.  As we proceed through our lives we make many choices which determine whether we accept or deny the existence of the Creator and the salvation He offered us through His Son.  These choices impact not only us directly, the ones we love, but also every stranger you encounter during each moment of every day.  The greatest impact is without a doubt to your own soul and spiritual relationship to God.  It is our free will, our our self-governing spirit  that determines our relationship with The Almighty.  Each of us must choose.  Our lives direction clearly indicate our choices.  Your bearing towards yourself and others, especially during times of stress or strife also indicate your connectedness with God.  A smile, a handshake, a look of indifference, a cold shoulder, a hug, a shrug - we each relate the state of our spiritual connectedness to God with each action and each thought and all things are known to Him.  

Some of the art on this site was done long ago.  My walk had just started and I did not know or understand what I do presently.  I have chosen to display and offer some of this work as well as my more current creations.

Where ever you are on your own personal walk, I hope and pray that your journey leads you to life eternal, love eternal and the peace that comes from faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

ANNOUNCING: Stacie and the Starfighter have published their third album
"Trinity".  Let the Saints know that there is Meat for those who are ready to move beyond milk.  There is love eternal for those who believe on His Name.  Thank you Lord Jesus.

Stacie and the Starfighter have published their second album:"Angels at War".
Digital and Physical copies are available thru CD Baby, Amazon, ITunes and others.  Spread, "The Word", " all around us, there is a war, and God alone, knows the score."   "Hypnotic, beautiful music."

Stacie and the Starfighter have published their first album:
"Find Him".   "Funky, World, R&B, genre defying MUSIC for the Saints."   "Music for the Children of God."

Preview all of our music  on our YouTube channel:

STARFIGHTER-MUSIC.COM and StacieandtheStarfigher.com (The sites should be up in a week or two.)  use the logo below to check out our youtube channel and get your Gospel, R and B, Rap praise on.  Stacie and the Starfighter have released their first album.  Digital copies are available now.  Physical copies should be ready in a week or two.  Order a copy

Check Out DaStarfighters YouTube channel and hear Stacie and the Starfighter get their Christian/World/RandB/Rap/Folk/Gospel groove on!  It's funky and it's all praise music:
 Click the logo below to check it out:


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